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High-tech professional summer gloves.
Durable Amara palm Silicon printed.
Highest quality GEL for shock absorbing.
Fingers tabs for easy gloves removal.
Silicone palm prints for grips.
Reflex piping for night visibility.
Terry towel thumb allows to wipe of sweat.

Size: S / M / L / XL
Colour: Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Pink
Display: GES Card
Packaging: 10 units.

10 unidades

Talla Color
I621X13 S Red
I621X14 S Blue
I621X16 S Green
I621X17 S Grey
I621X19 S Pink
I621X23 M Red
I621X24 M Blue
I621X26 M Green
I621X27 M Grey
I621X29 M Pink
I621X33 L Red
I621X34 L Blue
I621X36 L Green
I621X37 L Grey
I621X39 L Pink
I621X43 XL Red
I621X44 XL Blue
I621X46 XL Green
I621X47 XL Grey
I621X49 XL Pink


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